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The patented VertiShear Technology unveils full elastic waveform seismic data from vertical-force sources. Typical sources can be dynamite, vibrator trucks, or impact guns. All of these vertical-force sources create robust shear wave energy reflections, we call Direct-S mode reflections, illuminating target formations deep underground that have long been ignored as "noise" in p-wave seismic data.

When applying this technology to re-process single-component (1C) seismic library data, it provides the capability to process a converted-shear wave mode SV-P. Now, for the first time, all 1C library data can provide exceptional multi-component seismic data without incurring the cost of new 3C, or 9C data acquisition.

Direct-s from vertical sources

Explosive Radiation.png

This example shows shot hole explosives generating P radiation and SV radiation at the surface.

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